In Memoriam

untitled2This page was supposedly a chronicle of our supposedly-third child’s development. Our eldest, INIGO, is turning 7 this year. Last year, we lost our supposedly-second baby we named SANDRA who stopped her heartbeat at 8 weeks gestation. And for the second time, we lost another child. We are naming her ANGELINE.

We also lost ANGELINE at almost 8 weeks gestation. She also lost her heartbeat. Unlike Sandra, my wife carried her for two weeks more after learning she has already left us. The doctors advised to let her come out naturally, but it did not happen. And so she has to be removed out by surgery.

This page is now in memory of our beloved angel, ANGELINE.


imagesXAMSGFZYDearest Angeline,

Today is a sad day for your Mom and I. The doctors have surgically removed you out from your mommy’s tummy before. We don’t know where you are now. As much as we wanted to keep you, it is very unfortunate that we have to let you go. You have actually left us two weeks back, and though we had this small hope that miracles could happen and that you might come back, it did not happen. And today we have accepted that you are definitely gone.

Your mother and I, together with your big brother Inigo, love you very much. We wished we could have given you a hug before you left. We wished we could have kissed you even for a time. But please know that our love for you remains. We may not have physically shown our love to you, but please feel it within you. You are loved. You are a member of our family.

We are moving on today. But we will always be carrying your memory in our hearts. Thank you for coming to our family, even for a short period of time. As you join our Creator in the Heavens today, please extend our love to your sister SANDRA. We will both see you on the other side.









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